LBNL-2020: Telescope Interfaces: DRM and DAQ

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Host: Jeff Zivick

Scribe: Jeff Zivick


Telescopes Interfaces w/DRM, DAQ

  1. Present/determine description of interfaces. Feedthroughs, cabling, control systems, control software, data formats, etc.
  2. Plan schedule of design reviews for these subsystems needed before CD1

Zoom link information:


DAQ Interfaces DAQ slides so far

  1. Inputs to DAQ subssytem
  2. Outputs from DAQ subsystem
  3. Necessary review meetings through March 2021

DRM Interfaces (Detector/Readout/Module)

  1. Inputs to DR Module
  2. Outputs from DR Module
  3. Necessary review meetings through March 2021
  Slides: File:TelescopeReadoutInterfaces 20200331.pdf


Google docs page for meeting notes. Please add and edit as you feel is necessary and valuable.