LBNL-2020: Sources

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Connection Details

Monitor - Nicholas Battaglia

Scribe - Joaquin Vieira


Updates on progress made since last meeting.

Gather input on how sources "flowdown"

Discuss preparation for Joint Review in August, NSF CDR and DOE CD1

Identify topics which may have been overlook


Link to view Google Slides

Intro to sources working group and charges (5 mins) - Battaglia


Intro and flowdown (5 mins) - Battaglia

High-z cluster science case & discussion (20 mins) - Raghunathan

Exgal Sources

Goals and Action Items for (10 mins) - Vieira

Blazars & variability (10 mins) - Madejski

Lensed sources and high-z dusty sources (10 mins) - Joaquin

Protoclusters & discussion (10 mins) - Scott


mm-transient Models (10 mins) - Eftekhari

Discussion on flowdown (10 mins) - Vieira & Whitehorn

Galactic Science

Galactic sources (10 mins) - Ginsburg

Magnetic fields (10 mins) - Clark

Wrap-up Discussion (10 mins)


Google Doc for session notes