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Host - [mailto:Charles.R.Lawrence@jpl.nasa.gov Charles Lawrence]
Host - [mailto:Charles.R.Lawrence@jpl.nasa.gov Charles Lawrence]
Scribes - Lloyd Knox and Gil Holder
Scribes - Lloyd Knox and Gil Holder [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GFUHtHuPbB28kFU2KmGSUKcFtLVPqkyAtsFTiSsDz9Q/edit?usp=sharing Notes]
== Charge ==
== Charge ==

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Connection Details

Zoom connection for Wednesday: https://lbnl.zoom.us/j/659092332

Host - Charles Lawrence

Scribes - Lloyd Knox and Gil Holder Notes


Discuss science requirements, their flowdown to measurements requirements, and what must be done in preparation for the August review


(30 min) Roles of and relationships between STM, error budgets, requirements File:S2M flowdown CMB-S4 04-01-2020.pdf [Lawrence]

(10 min) Success criteria for NSF review [Zivick and Lawrence]

(40 min) Science Traceability Matrix [Knox, Holder]

  • Identification of open issues[1]].
  • Work and assignments.
  • Who will do what, by when?

(10 min) Baseline design simulations [Zonca and Keskitalo]

(30 min) Back to STM [Knox, Holder]