LBNL-2020: Maps-to-Spectra

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Connection Details

Host: Marilena

Scribe: Christian

Real time notes:


To provide an overview of current projects, along with status updates and future plans.

To get feedback on these projects.


(Times listed below are approximate! Things may vary in real time)

               • Proposed Agenda (9AM)
                       * Charge (5min)
                       * Introductions (5 min)
                       • Beam effects update (ABBY, 15min)
                               • Discussion
                       • Impact of Foreground update (SRINI, 15min)
                               • Discussion
                       • Scan strategy (5min?)
                               • Discussion
                       • Break (9:45AM - 10:00)
                       • DRAFT tool progress (Srini + Joel, 10:00-10:10) Joel - Fisher Code
                       • General Tool list: Existing and desired. (10:10-10:20)
                               • Other tools?
                       • SZ/CIB spectra and science discussion (Yuuki, 10:20-10:35)
                       • Other science discussion  (Benjamin, 10:35-10:45, slides)
                       * Present other project ideas on our list (Christian, 10:45-10:55)
                       * Conclude (10:55-11)