LBNL-2020: Maps-to-Other

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Connection Details

Host - Blake Sherwin

Notes - Marcelo Alvarez


Give updates regarding work so far on projects that are part of Maps2Other science

Identify topics which may have been overlooked

Discuss next steps for the group


Talks are 15 minutes each + 5 minutes for questions

  • Cosmology from kinetic SZ (Mat Madhavacheril) [1]
  • CMB lensing: foreground effects for S4 lensing (Marius Millea) slides
  • CMB lensing: baryonic effects (Simon Foreman) slides
  • Reionization from hybrid estimators of patchy tau (Chang Feng) slides
  • Reionization from kSZ trispectra (Simone Ferraro) slides

General discussion and planning

  • What science case can S4 do much better than other experiments and should we highlight more?
  • What needs simulation / foreground modeling work?
  • Are there any potentially design driving aspects?


Real-time notes on this google doc.