LBNL-2020: M2T Flowdown

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Connection Details

Host - Charles Lawrence

Scribe -


Discuss flowdown from measurement requirements to instrument and experiment requirements. Emphasis on the critical role of error budgets in setting performance requirements, and an overview of the structure of requirements.

Two take-away assignments for L2 leaders and teams:

  • What is missing from the error budgets in your area?
  • What analysis and simulation capabilities do we need but do not yet have that connect the elements of the error budget?


  • (20 m) Overview of flowdown efforts File:M2T flowdown CMB-S4 04-01-2020.pdf (Lawrence)
  • (10 m) success criteria (Zivick)
    • Where do we need to be for the August NSF review?
    • Where do we need to be for the Spring 2021 DOE CD-1 and NSF PDR reviews?
  • (20 min) Overview and Status of error budget (McMahon) slides
  • (20 min) SAT Error budget overview (Bischoff) slides
  • (one slide) Homework


Need to set up meetings between L2s and Flowdown group to establish requirements decomposition and traceability. Flowdown group will take the lead to organize and arrange.

Two iteration loops. One iteration loop is on the simulations and the resultant impact on science capability. This is lead by Charles Lawrence, Jeff McMahon.

A second iteration loop is on the decomposition and defining of performance requirements used by the subsystem leads to design the equipment to perform the experiment. This is being led by Nadine Kurita.