LBNL-2020: M2T Flowdown

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Host - Charles Lawrence

Scribe -


Discuss flowdown from measurement requirements to instrument and experiment requirements. Emphasis on the critical role of error budgets in setting performance requirements, and an overview of the structure of requirements.


  • (20 m) Overview of flowdown efforts (Lawrence)
  • (10 m) success criteria (Zivick)
    • Where do we need to be for the August NSF review?
    • Where do we need to be for the Spring 2021 DOE CD-1 and NSF PDR reviews?
  • (20 min) Overview and Status of error budget (McMahon) slides
  • (20 min) SAT Error budget overview (Bischoff)
  • (20 min) Requirements (Kurita)
  • (one slide) Homework