LBNL-2020: Low-ell BB

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Connection details

Parallel 1, session D. Tuesday March 31, 9:00 to 11:00 am pacific.

Monitor: Kimmy Wu

Scribe: Colin Bischoff, google doc for notes (to be transferred to wiki)


The primary focus of this meeting will be technical and scientific progress towards the baseline design in general and the summer agency review in particular.

  • Present results from or statuses of data challenge 6 with real delensing incorporated
  • Foreground models / sims
    • Impact of foregrounds on delensing.
    • Foregrounds at low-ell
  • Sketch path(s) forward for data challenges:
    • What questions need answering by the summer’s agency review that need results from data challenges?
  • Outline trade studies that need to be done (or present results of trade studies) for the delensing LAT
    • Sensitivity vs resolution
    • Frequency allocation
  • Outline trade studies that need to be done (or present results of trade studies) for SATs
    • Do we need 20GHz?


  • Results from data challenge 06 [45 min]
    • Parametrized likelihood + lensing template [Bischoff, 15 min] slides
    • Bayesian optimal analysis [Millea, 15 min] slides
    • SO XForecast pipeline [Errard, 15 min] slides
  • Next steps for data challenges [45 min]
    • ILC maps to study impacts on foregrounds [Umiltà, 10 min] slides
    • Exact curve-sky iterative lensing estimation [Carron, 10 min] slides
    • Low ell foregrounds [Hensley, 15 min]
    • What other questions do we need to address using data challenges? [all]
  • Inputs for summer agency review [20 min]
    • Forecasting tool for Flowdown group [McMahon, 10 min] slides
    • Design justification studies [Wu, 10 min] slides
      • Sensitivity vs resolution for delensing LAT
      • Frequency allocation for delensing LAT
      • Justification for split-bands on SATs
      • Justification for 20 GHz on delensing LAT