LBNL-2020: Low-ell BB

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Connection details

Parallel 1, session D. Tuesday March 31, 9:00 to 11:00 am pacific.

Monitor: Kimmy Wu

Scribe: Colin Bischoff


The primary focus of this meeting will be technical and scientific progress towards the baseline design in general and the summer agency review in particular.

  • Present results from or statuses of data challenge 6 with real delensing incorporated
  • Foreground models / sims
    • Impact of foregrounds on delensing.
    • Foregrounds at low-ell
  • Sketch path(s) forward for data challenges:
    • What questions need answering by the summer’s agency review that need results from data challenges?
  • Outline trade studies that need to be done (or present results of trade studies) for the delensing LAT
    • Sensitivity vs resolution
    • Frequency allocation
  • Outline trade studies that need to be done (or present results of trade studies) for SATs
    • Do we need 20GHz?


  • Results from data challenge 06 [45 min]
    • Parametrized likelihood + lensing template [Bischoff, 15 min]
    • Bayesian optimal analysis [Millea, 15 min]
    • SO XForecast pipeline [Errard, 15 min]
  • Next steps for data challenges
    • Impacts of foregrounds on delensing [van Engelen, Umiltà]
    • Low ell foregrounds [Hensley]
    • Interface with Data Management sims [Crawford]
    • What other questions do we need to address using data challenges? [all]
  • Inputs for summer agency review
    • Forecasting tool for Flowdown group [McMahon]
    • Design justification studies [Wu]
      • Sensitivity vs resolution for delensing LAT
      • Frequency allocation for delensing LAT
      • Justification for split-bands on SATs
      • Justification for 20 GHz on delensing LAT