LBNL-2020: Extragalactic Foreground Modeling

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1. Within S4:

  a. Any developments since the last meeting in terms of                       
      code/implementation/methods/validation using existing data?
      Are there any external simulations that we could make use of?
  b. Identify the group and specific science that critically relies on simulations.
  c. Reassess the usage and requirements (number of realizations? resolution? Hydro?)  
      - Do the existing simulations satisfy the requirements? (e.g. accuracy at high-ell)
      - Have we tested that all the key measurements can be done on the simulations? 
  d. Which observables do we need to prioritize (Dust, Sync, AME, tSZ, latetime-kSZ, 

2. Communication with groups out of S4 (for cross-correlation studies)

  a. How do we set up an MOU?   
  b. How to set up a framework to implement each other’s pipelines? 


  • George Stein - Websky simulations
  • Yuuki Omori - MultiDark
  • Giuseppe Puglisi - Modelling of polarized sources
  • Nikhel Gupta - Modelling of polarized Sources