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Connection Details

Monitor - Julian Borrill

Scribe - Tom Crawford


  1. Define the overall scope, schedule, cost & risk of the data management subsystem for the summer review via a fully fleshed out WBS with milestones with FTE estimates.
  2. Prepare for the baseline design simulations.
  3. Plan the schedule of design reviews needed before CD1.


  1. Introduction
  2. WBS Level 3 scope, milestones, labor & risk
    • 1.09.05 Data Reduction
    • 1.09.06 Transients/Sources
    • 1.09.04 Data Synthesis
    • 1.09.03 Software Infrastructure
    • 1.09.02 Data Movement
    • 1.09.07 Site Hardware
    • 1.09.01 Subsystem Management
  1. Baseline design simulation tool
  2. Subsystem design review schedule
  3. General discussion


Real-time notes on this google doc; please identify your notes with your initials to help with any clarifications when we transfer them to the wiki after the session.