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Connection Details

Monitor - Julian Borrill

Scribe - Tom Crawford


  1. Define the overall scope, schedule, cost & risk of the data management subsystem for the summer review.
  2. Prepare for the baseline design simulations.
  3. Plan the schedule of design reviews needed before CD1.


  • Overview
  • WBS Level 3 scope, milestones, labor & risk
    • 1.09.05 Data Reduction
    • 1.09.06 Transients/Sources
    • 1.09.04 Data Synthesis
    • 1.09.03 Software Infrastructure
    • 1.09.02 Data Movement
    • 1.09.07 Site Hardware
    • 1.09.01 Subsystem Management
  • Baseline design simulation tool
  • Subsystem design review schedule
  • General discussion


Real-time notes on this google doc; please identify your notes with your initials to help with any clarifications when we transfer them to the wiki after the session.