LBNL-2016: Time-Ordered Data Processing

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Time-Ordered Data Processing Birds-of-a-Feather Session: Wednesday, March 9, 9 AM

Attending: Julian Borrill, Tom Crawford, Ted Kisner, Kris Gorski, Graca Rocha, Clem Pryke, Nick Harrington, Jesse Treu, Kyle Story, Nathan Whitehorn, Olivier Perdereau, Reijo Keskitalo


Discussion of TOD scanning simulations with full 4-pi beam

  • do we really get the 4-pi beam at high fidelity?
    • at some level, not the data folks' problem.
  • Are we really going to simulate full TODs, including data that we will eventually cut in the real TOD?
    • yes, at least to test automated data cuts.
    • who is going to take on the task of creating this model?
    • we pretty much know how to do it now, unless the fundamental detector and/or readout architecture changes.
  • Do we need to simulate TES & electronics response?
    • Not a high priority. Assume detectors/electronics with funky response will not pass CD.
  • RFI pickup?
    • Impossible to implement in sims without model of pickup.
  • Time-dependent focal plane / optics distortion?
    • Real-world examples to go on from ACT & PB
  • We need scan strategy to be defined to do sims.
    • Is anyone considering using anything but azimuth scans as fast and wide as you can go?

Digression into computing plan

  • Are we really going to use grid computing (rather than parallel processing on large clusters)?
    • Certainly not for anything for which we have to send around real TOD. (I.e., just for sims.)
  • What about data management / delivery from sites?
    • Pole bandwidth barely accommodates SPT-3G and will be unlikely to increase enough to handle S4. Similar issues exist in Atacama.

Return to TOD sims

  • Will there be half-wave plates on S4?
    • Can't rule it out. How do you make a model of non-ideality for a HWP?
  • Are we aiming to have a perfect set of TOD sims by summer or 10 years from now?
    • There will be a profile of what we can simulate. Could in theory have some level of TOD sims by summer.
  • What about atmosphere?
    • Moving slab prototypes exist.

Gotcha scorecard

TIme Deliverer Receiver
9:59 Ted Nathan