LBNL-2016: Time-Ordered Data Processing

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Time-Ordered Data Processing Birds-of-a-Feather Session: Wednesday, March 9, 9 AM

Attending: Julian Borrill, Tom Crawford, Ted Kisner, Kris Gorski, Graca Rocha, Clem Pryke, Nick Harrington, Jesse, Kyle Story, Nathan Whitehorn, Olivier Perdereau


  • Discussion of TOD scanning simulations with full 4-pi beam
    • do we really get the 4-pi beam at high fidelity?
    • at some level, not the data folks' problem.
  • Are we really going to simulate full TODs, including data that we will eventually cut in the real TOD?
    • yes, at least to test automated data cuts.
    • who is going to take on the task of creating this model?
    • we pretty much know how to do it now, unless the fundamental detector and/or readout architecture changes.