LBNL-2016: Simulations & Data Analysis

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Simulations & Data Analysis Parallel Session: Monday, March 7, 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Session Organizers: Tom Crawford & Julian Borrill

Chapter Section Coordinators:

  • Forecasting: Jo Dunkley & John Kovac
  • Sky Modeling: Nick Battaglia & Jacques Delabrouille
  • Time-Ordered Data Processing: Julian Borrill
  • Component Separation: Josquin Errard
  • Statistics & Parameters: Tom Crawford & Cora Dvorkin

Charge For This Session

What we are charged with achieving in that hour is, according to the workshop wiki page ( "The goal for each of these sessions it to determine missing content and outstanding questions for their chapter. It is particularly important to address what they need from the larger community. During the Plenary session in the afternoon, the drafters will present their findings with emphasis on the issues for which community input is sought."

With that in mind, we ask that each section coordinator be prepared to discuss (briefly! we only have 10 minutes per section) the 1 or 2 questions that define the scope of your section, in particular questions that are still open after the writing of this draft of the chapter (and questions that require input from the larger meeting, so that we can bring those up in the plenary).

Please gather those questions---and any supporting figures or other material (but no big slide presentations, please)---in the sections below.

Rapid-fire Sessions (1 per chapter section)


Sky Modeling

Time-Ordered Data Processing

Component Separation

Statistics & Parameters

Outstanding questions / What do we need from the community:

  1. Here's one thing
  2. Here's another.

To support this case, here's a figure:


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