LBNL-2016: Inflation Summary

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Status of Inflation Chapter

  1. Introduction
  2. Implications of a detection of primordial gravitational waves with CMB-S4
    • The energy scale of inflation
    • Planckian field ranges and symmetries
    • Constraints on the graviton mass
    • Following up on a detection
  3. Lessons from upper limits
  4. CMB data products and simulations to achieve goals for PGW
  5. Improved constraints on primordial density perturbations
    • The power spectrum of primordial density perturbations
    • Higher order correlations
    • Isocurvature
  6. Constraints on curvature, cosmic birefringence, cosmic strings, axions,...
    • Spatial curvature
    • Cosmic Birefringence
    • Cosmic Strings
    • Anomalies
  7. Summary

Currently needed

  • Section on isocurvature modes
  • Realistic forecasts for:
    • tensor-to-scalar ratio (first version from Victor Buza, Colin Bischoff, John Kovac in the draft)
    • tensor spectral index
    • scalar spectral index, running
    • non-Gaussianity, including BBB

Open questions

  • Should the inflation chapter

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