LBNL-2016: Inflation

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Session Organizers: Lloyd Knox, Raphael Flauger, Sarah Shandera

Break-out sessions:

First 40 minutes: State of the Inflation Chapter (Raphael Flauger and Sarah Shandera)

Final 20 minutes: Toward inflation-science-driven experimental design (Kovac and Dunkley)

  • For a given expt set-up, what are our forecast r limits?
    • Is our forecast robust to Galactic foreground simulation?
    • Does our planned expt include sufficient null tests (including seeing a result at different frequencies, region of sky, etc)?
    • Does our forecast capture realistic systematics?
    • Is our forecast robust to different methods of foreground cleaning?
    • Does our forecast include realistic residual lensing noise?
  • Can we then optimize the experimental set-up for r?
  • Are design requirements (resolution, freq, sky area) same for 'high-ell' inflation parameters?
  • To this end, now have set of codes that implement different r-forecast methods including Victor Buza et al's spectrum-based cleaning code based on BK14 analysis, Josquin Errard/Stephen Feeney's forecast code, David Alonso's map-based cleaning code developed for ACT (plus more).

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