LBNL-2016: Cross Correlations

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The purpose of this session is to come up with a list of forecasts that we should do using CMB and auxiliary datasets, such as LSST, DESI, etc. These will be incorporated into sections of the Science Book and could help with the question of siting. Note: there is a lensing foreground session at 9:45 that some may want to attend, so let's discuss CMB kappa first.

Those agreeing to present should not prepare full-blown talks, but rather a slide or two with some ideas that will foment discussion.

Question: is someone going to provide timelines and coverage for the auxiliary datasets?


9:15 CMB kappa X Galaxy kappa: Madhavacheril File:S4MatM.pdf (5+5)

9:25 CMB kappa X Other optical (galaxies, ...): Holder [confirmed] (5+5)

9:35 Clusters: Benson [confirmed] (5+5)

9:45 Kinetic SZ: Battaglia [confirmed] (5+5)

Estimators & Surveys

  • Velocity reconstruction
  • Projected fields
  • Pair-wise velocity

Spectroscopic samples vs photometric?


9:55 High-z Galaxies: Vieira [confirmed] (5+5)

10:05: Other Ideas