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*** kSZ with PHOTOMETRIC / NO redshifts information *** (Simone + Colin) useful for LSST, WISE, SPHEREx etc

Here we follow http://arxiv.org/abs/1605.02722 and show forecasts for a few S4 configurations. Again the detailed numbers depend on the actual distribution of baryons on small scales (here assumed to trace the dark matter exactly on the scales of interest). Note that this method requires very good foregrounds cleaning and is much more sensitive to residual foreground than using "reconstructed velocities" or "pairwise momentum". The actual performance of this method is likely to be limited by component separation on the CMB side.

KSZ S4 proj1.jpg KSZ S4 proj2.jpg

Here f_free is the free electron fraction of the tracer galaxies and parametrizes the kSZ amplitude. If f_free is known externally, this can be seen as a constrain on the growth factor with the same S/N.