Junior Scientist Advancement Committee

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Chair: Martin White (mwhite@berkeley.edu)

Vice-chair: Darcy Barron (darcybarron@gmail.com)

Members: Abby Crites (postdoc representative to Governing Board)

Kevin Huffenberger (chair of publications committee)

Adam Anderson

Amy Lowitz

Bruce Partridge

Sara Simon

Charge: The role of the Junior Scientist Advancement Committee (JSAC) is to ensure that junior members (defined as Student Members and Postdoctoral Members; see Bylaws Section 8.1) within the Collaboration are represented, assisted, and supported throughout the tenure of the Collaboration. This will include arranging mentors for junior members who desire mentorship, and facilitating junior member career advancement through relevant workshops and other activities. The JSAC Chair and Vice Chair are appointed by the Spokespersons after consultation with the ET and subject to approval of the GB. The Chair and Vice Chair serve two-year terms that parallel the Collaboration election cycle. Membership on the JSAC is open to volunteers from the Collaboration, with the approval of the JSAC Chair.


UC San Diego meeting, October 2019

Randomized Coffee Trials

Each junior member (grad student or postdoc) will be randomly paired with a senior member who they do not already know well. The only obligation is to meet and have at least a 10 minute conversation about your work over one of the coffee breaks.

Fermilab meeting, March 2019

Job hunting and application workshop with senior members

Princeton meeting, September 2018

Intro to the Decadal Process

David Spergel, Lyman Page, Bruce Partridge

12:30-1:30pm, Thursday, September 6

Jadwin Hall room 102