Joint Plenary for Forecasting/Reference Design

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  • What plans for instrument systematics modeling on the decadal timescale and beyond? What instrument parameters values should we use, guided by simulations & experience?
    • Complementary performance-based and ab initio forecasting
    • Write down specs for eg. bandwidth, NET, etc, justified by demonstrated performance
    • Need single reference document for all of these (wiki page?)
    • Cascade diagram progressively decomposing each element
    • For many boxes there are uncontroversial numbers that can be used as the starting point
    • On which parameters do we need to do better than S3 to achieve our goals?
      • CDT framework provides maxima for eg. additive contamination
        • see CDT report appendix A, wiki links & forecasting paper in progress
      • Track propagation of systematic from source to power spectra to identify scaling with eg. number of detectors
      • What's going to be hard?
        • Beams, beams, beams
        • Cross-talk
        • Bandpass mismatch
        • Polarization calibration
        • Readout electronics stability