Iterative curved sky s06b nofg lensing templates

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Julien Carron, April 10 2020

This pages describes the 100 iterative (maximum a posteriori, 'MAP') lensing map built from the s06b simulations without foreground, and the associated lensing template.

The CMB likelihood model used to build the maps include:

  • Curved-sky geometry
  • An inhomogeneous noise model built from the hit map /project/projectdirs/cmbs4/expt_xx/06b/rhits/n2048.fits together with the empirically estimated central noise value
  • Exact deprojection of all B-modes from 2 to 200, to ensure these modes are not used to build the lensing template
  • Used are E-modes from 2 to 3000 and B-modes from 200 to 3000