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Please add comments in appropriate section: You can also send comments to Aritoki Suzuki at

When editing, please follow style suggested by Maria

  • Style consistency (suggested by Maria)
    • in the text use words for indicate numbers for example: from "1 or 2 bands" to "one or two bands". Another example: "three-axis mount" instead of "3-axis mount". But for expressions as 1000 TESes, use numbers not words.
    • Preferring CMB-S4 instead of S4 (few times in the next S4 was used).
    • Stage-II instead of Stage-2 or stage-2.
    • Numbered items listed in the text: (i), (ii).
    • ~ for space doesn't work. Use instead \, .
    • Medium size space between number and unit of measurement: 15\,GHz instead of 15 GHz or 15GHz.
    • Ranges of numbers, for example: (120--280)\,GHz instead of 120-280 GHz (since GHz refers to the entire range).
    • Lowercase for indicating the name of materials: alumina instead of Alumina.
    • Caption of figures/tables:\emph{ (Top) bla bla bla bla. (Left) bla bla bla}.

General comment / LATEX style etc

  • Please add comment here

Executive summary

  • In the Executive Summary, I liked the Receiver Optics and Focal Plane Optical Coupling parts. They get the basics across "smoothly".

The Telescope Design and Focal Plane Sensors and Readout sections were a bit choppier -- with different levels of paragraphs and subsections. For example, the paragraph about computer simulations for FSLs might be too detailed for the Executive Summary.

In the receiver optics part of the Executive Summary, the first paragraph implies that larger sizes would be nice, but then each bullet point afterwards says that larger sizes are *needed*. It seems sort of contradictory.


  • Please add comment here

Telescope design

  • Each of chapters 3, 4 and 5 start immediately with an Introduction, and finish with a Conclusion and then a Summary. Chapter 1 is obviously different from the other chapters, but chapter 2 should probably be edited to follow this pattern as well (move the initial material at the beginning of the chapter to the Introduction and create the Summary for chapter 2).

Receiver optics

  • Please add comment here

Focal plane optical coupling

  • Need to define ARC

Focal plane sensor and readout

  • Please add comment here