Harvard-2017: S4 Vision and CDT Synchronization

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S4 Vision and CDT Synchronization (Moderator: Mark Devlin; Scribe: Akito Kusaka)

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  • Overview -- charge & status of deliverables -- Mark Devlin [PDF]
  • Key Science, Parameter Targets -- Raphael Flauger [PDF]
  • Clusters and baryonic physics -- Nick Battaglia PDF <-- Nick/Denis: fix this broken link!
  • Surveys -- Tom Crawford File:Cdt surveys.pdf
  • Open Discussion -- All
  • Strawman Instrument Design(s) (emphasizing trades) -- Adrian Lee [[File: ]]
  • R&D -- Kent Irwin [[File: ]]
  • Action items from session -- Akito Kusaka [[File: ]]

Notes from session

Action items/Next steps

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