Harvard-2017: Elements of the S4 Collaboration

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Elements of the S4 Collaboration (Moderator: John Carlstrom)

[charge to moderator: find 2-3 examples to display as kickoff]

Post talks here.

  • Collaboration Elements by Example : [File:CMB-S4-Collaboration-Elements_v4.pptx], [File:CMB-S4-Collaboration-Elements_v4.pdf] -- Brenna Flaugher
  • Governance structures -- Karen Byrum [[File: ]]
  • Membership policy + mentoring -- Steve Kuhlmann [[File: ]]
  • Publication + talks policy -- Nathan Whitehorn [[File: ]]
  • wrap up interim planning and charge to next day parallels -- Suzanne Staggs [[File: ]]

Notes from session

Action items/Next steps

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