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== Notes from session ==
== Notes from session ==
* Summary  [[:File:T4summary.pdf | T4 Summary ]]
== Action items/Next steps ==
== Action items/Next steps ==
Summarize action items here
Summarize action items here

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Parallel Session T4: non-r forecasting and sims (Neff, feedback parameters, clusters) (Chairs: Matthew Madhavacheril, Joel Meyers, Lindsey Bleem) [Jefferson 356]

N_eff Forecasting Status (Joel Meyers) (5+ 5)

Cluster Cosmology Forecasting Pipelines:
Mat Madhavacheril + Sebastian Bocquet (10 + 5)
Srinivasan Raghunathan

Simulations: 2 slides from various simulation efforts (10+5)
Key points to convey: Focusing more on LSS, Clusters (as T3, T2 will be covering other aspects of sims)
What simulations are there now/will there be in the future to address modeling/systematics issues with increasing degrees of complexity?

Argonne (Lindsey Bleem)
CORE/S4 forecasting (Jim Bartlett)
Sky Modeling (Julian Borrill)

Post talks here.

Notes from session

Action items/Next steps

Summarize action items here