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Parallel Session S1: high-ell science (Chairs: Jim Bartlett + Colin Hill) [Jefferson 250]

Updates on recent work / new ideas (~5 min each):

- Polarized SZ (Daan Meerburg) File:CMBS4 2017.pdf

- Joint tSZ/kSZ/rtSZ measurements with CCAT-p + other surveys (Mike Niemack) File:Cluster submm forecasts Niemack 20170825.pdf

- CMB halo lensing (Jim B.) File:Bartlett CMBHaloLensing.pdf

- kSZ (+tSZ) cross-correlations: directly calibrating baryonic effects on P(k) (Colin H.) File:JCH SZ.pdf

Discussion: - CDT report

  • Steve Allen Draft LSS High Ell link

- Our one-page science case draft.

- Our Science requirements and the instrument we think is needed to meet them; in particular, angular resolution and 270 GHz.

- How to engage the broader astro community. This is essential for the Decadal Process, and our science is important for this.

- Quantifying gains from S4 relative to/in conjunction with SO/CCAT-prime.

Notes from session

Action items/Next steps

Summarize action items here