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Parallel Session C3: Publication Policy (Chair: Nathan Whitehorn) [Jefferson 256]

Post talks here.

Notes from session

Action items/Next steps

  • Recommend immediate formation of a CMB-S4 speakers' bureau
 * Collect and solicit conference invitations
 * Start giving talks specifically on S4 as "XXX for the CMB-S4 Collaboration"
 * Provide a set of slides/plots to use in talks
 * Review/distribution of S4 talks by/to the collaboration
  • Publication of papers with "CMB-S4" in the title encouraged
  • Start setting up an authorship and publications committee soon, but not right now
 * Review improves quality of publications, awareness of results to wider collaboration
 * Publishing with full author list, in some form to be determined, demonstrates that CMB-S4 is a collaboration and that a lot of people care about it