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[[File: GB Meeting Summary 05 September 2018.pdf]]
[[File: GB Meeting Summary 05 September 2018.pdf]]
[[File: GB Meeting Summary 25 October 2018.pdf]]
==== Proposed Amendments to Bylaws ====
==== Proposed Amendments to Bylaws ====
[[Proposed Amendment to Bylaws 001]]
[[Proposed Amendment to Bylaws 001]]

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Governing Board Members

GB Members (in alphabetical order): Zeesh Ahmed; Nicholas Battaglia; Amy Bender; Brad Benson; Lindsey Bleem; Francois Bouchet; Tom Crawford; Abby Crites (Postdoc Representative); Mark Devlin; Brenna Flaugher; Nils Halverson (Chair); William Jones; John Kovac; Akito Kusaka; Charles Lawrence; Adrian Lee; Mike Niemack; Suzanne Staggs (Vice Chair); Aritoki Suzuki.

Meeting Agendas

GB Meeting Agenda 26 April 2018

GB Meeting Agenda 24 May 2018

GB Meeting Agenda 28 June 2018

GB Meeting Agenda 26 July 2018

GB Meeting Agenda 05 September 2018

GB Meeting Agenda 25 October 2018

Meeting Summaries

File:GB Meeting Summary 26 April 2018.pdf

File:GB Meeting Summary 24 May 2018.pdf

File:GB Meeting Summary 28 June 2018.pdf

File:GB Meeting Summary 26 July 2018.pdf

File:GB Meeting Summary 05 September 2018.pdf

File:GB Meeting Summary 25 October 2018.pdf

Proposed Amendments to Bylaws

Proposed Amendment to Bylaws 001