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==== Meeting Agendas ====
==== Meeting Agendas ====
[[GB Meeting Agenda 26 April 2018]]
[[GB Meeting Agenda 24 May 2018]]
[[GB Meeting Agenda 24 May 2018]]

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Governing Board Members

GB Members (in alphabetical order): Zeesh Ahmed; Nicholas Battaglia; Amy Bender; Brad Benson; Lindsey Bleem; Francois Bouchet; Tom Crawford; Abby Crites; Mark Devlin; Brenna Flaugher; Nils Halverson (Chair); William Jones; John Kovac; Akito Kusaka; Charles Lawrence; Adrian Lee; Mike Niemack; Suzanne Staggs (Vice Chair); Aritoki Suzuki.

Meeting Agendas

GB Meeting Agenda 26 April 2018 GB Meeting Agenda 24 May 2018

Meeting Summaries

File:GB Meeting Summary 24 April 2018.pdf