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Telecon Info, Mailing lists, Github Repo

Tuesdays 3 EST, 2 CST, 12 PST; Announced via email to S4-gov

Connection info:

Mailing List: (Governance WG)

Github docs:

Current Version of Bylaws

Can be found here: File:Cmb-s4-collaboration 2 4 18.pdf


The Governance WG is charged with drafting the full CMB-S4 collaboration bylaws with the exception of the policies governing collaboration membership definition and the membership committee, and the policies and committees associated with publications and the Speakers’ Bureau. Specifically, the WG is charged to:

  • Draft the collaboration governance objectives
  • Propose and define a governance oversight structure, such as an Institutional board and/or council, including methods for determining its membership
  • Propose the spokesperson(s) structure, e.g.,Co-Spokespersons or Spokesperson and Deputy, including selection, terms, oversight and responsibilities
  • Propose a governance body such as an executive board or advisory committee for supporting the Spokesperson(s), including methods for its selection
  • Provide an organizational chart showing the relationships between the various governing bodies, committees, offices, etc. The organizational chart should include connections to other partners and provisional relationships to the project and funding agencies.
  • Review the Membership WG proposal and advise on procedures for admitting new institutions, collaborators and members, as well as procedures for removing them
  • Propose a decision making process, including a voting method in cases where management consensus is not reached. The scope of decisions includes those of science and management including amendment of the bylaws and restructuring of the collaboration.
  • Propose mechanisms to guide interactions between the collaboration and the media
  • Propose mechanisms for the collaboration to support early career scientists
  • Propose structure for how sensitive or divisive issues can be brought forward by members, e.g., an ombudsperson?
  • Propose initial collaboration structure for Education and Outreach coordination and activities

Time Table

  • Dec 15: provide a template document of the policies they are charged to draft, in which the decisions to be made are highlighted and a set of possible options are given
  • Jan 31: provide a near-final draft of the document to be circulated with the other WGs
  • Feb 15: incorporate feedback from the other WGs into a final draft to be included in the complete CMB-S4 bylaws for distribution to the full collaboration.

Telecon Notes

Minutes Nov 14 2017
PDF form File:CMB S4 Governance Telecon Notes 11 14.pdf

Minutes Nov 21 2017

Minutes Nov 28 2017 File:Minutes 1128 Gov.pdf

Potentially Useful Documents

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