GB Meeting Agenda 30 Oct 2020

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Standing GB Business

  • Approval of minutes
  • Status of 2 circulating bylaws amendments
  • Approval of committee chairs/ombudspeople [re]appointments, plan for ombudspeople training (SP to present proposed appointments)
  • Bylaws clarification regarding term limits for chairs of committees and ombudspeople, term lengths for members of various committees, staggering member appointments

SP Update

Review of Proposed Code of Conduct

Discussion on next steps for Diversity and Inclusion Efforts in CMB-S4 In particular, will discuss possibilities of

  • Appointment of Equity and Diversity representative on ET
  • New committee for D&I

Goal is to ensure concrete plan and progress before next S4 collaboration meeting

Start discussion of Collaboration project relationship following selection of DOE Lead lab (remaining time on call, plus plan for offline work)

  • Role in the collaboration for project people (nonscientists, engineers, administrators). Do we need an additional class of membership? Updates to publication policy?