GB Meeting Agenda 13 March 2019

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Agenda for GB Meeting at Fermilab, 13 Mar 2019

  • Welcome/announcements (10 min)
  • Project report and discussion (40 min, Jim Yeck)
    • How will project be run, managed, documented
    • What challenges do you anticipate this project will face?
    • How do you envision that the project will interact with the collaboration?
  • S4-related proposal issues (15 min)
    • How is it determined what is an ‘S4-related’ proposal, and how do we manage proposals that self-identify as S4?
  • R&D funding status and allocation process (10 min)
  • What can we do to improve communication between various entities (ET and collaboration, collaboration and project, etc) (Brenna 15 min)
  • AOB (30 min)