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Chair: Darcy Barron

Members: Cora Dvorkin, Tom Cecil

Contact: evc@cmb-s4.org

From the bylaws:

3.5 Election and Voting Commission

The GB appoints the Chair and two additional members of the Election and Voting Commission (EVC). The EVC is charged with conducting elections as spelled out in §6. The EVC acts independently of the GB, but any points of substantive disagreement amongst the EVC members should be referred back to the GB. Commission members serve two-year terms ordinarily. However, the GB may choose to extend the first term of the Chair to three years, to allow staggering of the membership for improved continuity between commissions. Commission members may be removed with a supermajority vote of the GB.

Voting process

For all positions, we will use a ranked choice (also known as single transferable vote) voting system. This system “promotes majority support, discourages negative campaigning, provides more choice to voters, minimizes strategic voting, promotes minority representation."

See more details at these links:



The vote counting will be done with the Meek method using the Droop quota to determine the number of voted needed to win. More information can be found in this paper: http://www.dia.govt.nz/diawebsite.NSF/Files/meekm/$file/meekm.pdf

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