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Here's an opportunity to contribute to the EPO Strategic Plan! The EPO committee plans to draft this document for review at the first 2020 CMB-S4 workshop. We are at the very beginning stages of defining this program. What is an outreach goal that would get you excited about CMB-S4 EPO? What are particular outreach ideas? This is brainstorming so all ideas are welcome and helpful. Something that seems unhelpful can end up stimulating a really cool idea. Don't hold back.


  • Get the idea out into the general public that CMB-S4 exists, is studying the beginning of the universe, and is really cool.


  • Multi-year REU programs with academic-year mentoring for students from HBCUs
  • Develop a board game, somewhat like "Life" that starts off in the mystery of the beginning and runs through the thermal history to today (or beyond). [Lloyd] UPdate: This has grown significantly into a broader impacts proposal in an NSF grant that Lloyd has submitted to AAG.
  • Podcast [Tim Miller]
  • Educational Outreach Modules for CMB science targeted for high school/intro college courses (e.g. effects of cosmological parameters on power spectrum) [Sara]