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CMB S-4: Detector RF Design, Total Bandwidth, Resolving Power


Charge: Report back on range of frequency coverage and practical number of bands.

Meeting 04: 2016-07-05

  • This group's charge: Detector RF Design, Total Bandwidth, Resolving Power but excluding TES bolometer/MKID (readout). In short, antenna to termination resistor
  • Announcement: s4_instrument mailing list will be setup soon. 1 mailing list for all instrument related white paper discussion - send email to larger group
  • White paper time line: Circulate draft to larger community by August 31st
    • .tex file at github I contacted Tom Crawford to get an access...
    • git clone
    • Main .tex detector_rf.tex
    • Survey of current technology and development
    • Summarize necessary development for CMB-S4 - No down selection yet
    • Collect references
  • Let's get started on things we can work on


    • Sara - Horn Princeton (corrugated/non-corrugated)
    • Toki - Sinuous Lenslet
    • Ed Wallack, Who to write - CLASS detecor technology - I think their single crystal silicon transmission line dielectric fabrication technique is very unique
    • Akito/Al Kogut - Mutlimode Direct Coupling (could be short)
    • Roger - Phase Array
    • John R - On Chip Modulator, Ed
    • Toki - Multi-chroic filter design
    • Eric Shirokoff - music like filter/ MKIDs/ high resolution filter
    • Colin Bishop - Atm/Foreground (background material)
    • Toki - Mapping speed/ Sensitive per band

Write up:

  • 1-page, one to two figures, bibtex for citation
    • intro of technology
    • survey current status
    • R&D for S4

We should also add (suggestion from Jeff)

  • we should put the OMT design into feed section since it is a limit on the achievable bandwidth of the horn coupled systems
  • we should discuss dielectric materials somewhere (eg silicon oxide vs silicon nitride vs single crystal silicon) perhaps in RF tricks.

Meeting 03: 2016-06-16

  • Deliverable: White paper by next S-4 meeting in September (6 more meetings to go)
  • Generic goal:
    • Keep doors open - no down selection
    • Survey of current technology and development
    • Summarize necessary development for CMB-S4
    • Collect references
  • Scope/topics to address
    • Total bandwidth per feed
      • Broadband RF technology
        • Feed
        • RF circuit
      • Mapping speed
        • Diffraction
        • Cold stop and telescope temperature
        • Loss in optics (AR and lens material) and RF circuit line (choice of dielectric for ex)
    • Resolving Power
      • Need from foreground subtraction group
        • Just point to their write up
      • Atmospheric window
      • Hardware requirement
        • Finite area on silicon wafer
        • Increase number of readout channels
    • Should we add/subtract scope from this group?
  • Assign writing task
    • Hardware
      • Broadband RF technology (1.0 page)
      • Hardware requirement on resolving power (1.0 page)
    • Background Material
      • Mapping speed (1.0 page)
      • Atmosphere (0.5 page)
      • Foreground (0.5 page)
  • Meeting Note
    • Participants: toki, clarence, mike, akito, bryan, jeff
    • we have additional detector systematics group (mike sent out lists of group)
    • what is trade off between total bandwidth
    • zeesh is leading readout group - discuss if combining detector (TES/MKID) into readout makes sense
    • trade off between too many / broader participation to be inclusive
    • contact XXX if you want to get involved
    • TES/MKID for readout group cause delay? - probably not
    • include Mike N. to readout group
    • send note to whole community - pass by john c. - send out note to whole s4 group
    • we are missing group to put whole thing together
    • how about 2-stage approach. we collect current state of technology for now. then optimize/tie together later
    • optimize/tie together to come after science book
    • re-name systematics group to systematics and system over view?
    • keeping systematics group shows that we are thinking about systematics and its mitigation
    • no body knows about what systamtics to worry about at CMB-S4 level
    • separate group's writing
    • how to select co-leader?
    • cryogenic receivers group does not exist (ask brad to lead?)
    • systematics group can suggest what simulation/study is necessary
      • describe different experiment's approach to systematics
      • summarize literature on analysis technique
      • summarize experiment's approach
  • Action Item
    • jeff to put together preamble and send out with mike n's list of groups
    • jeff to ask zeesh to agree on adding tes/mkid to readout
    • natural point
      • sarah for horn
      • sinuous lenslet
      • roger phase-array
    • mapping speed/atm/foreground (background material)
    • next meeting in 2 weeks. maybe we'll get more participants. Toki's organize meeting (doodle, call invitation what not)

Meeting 01 and 02 note from google doc