Detector RF/Bandwidth/Resolution

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CMB S-4: Detector RF Design, Total Bandwidth, Resolving Power


Charge: Report back on range of frequency coverage and practical number of bands.

Meeting 03: 2016-06-16

  • Deliverable: White paper by next S-4 meeting in September
  • Generic goal:
    • Keep doors open - no down selection
    • Survey of current technology and development
    • Summarize necessary development for CMB-S4
    • Collect references
  • Scope/topics to address
    • Total bandwidth per feed
      • Broadband feed technology
        • Feed
        • RF circuit
      • Mapping speed
        • Diffraction
        • Cold stop and telescope temperature
        • Loss in optics (AR and lens material) and RF circuit line (choice of dielectric for ex)
    • Resolving Power
      • Need from foreground subtraction group
        • Just point to their write up
      • Atmospheric window
      • Hardware requirement
        • Finite area on silicon wafer
        • Increase number of readout channels