Delensing sensitivity - map-based delensing

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This posting shows provides delensed spectra and resulting AL for the V3R0 LAT configuration.

The ILC maps for 128 realizations are currently provided here


B-mode templates for first three realizations provided by Julien Carron are currently available here


Delensing the LAT ILC maps

Using the templates to delens the ILC maps leads to the following spectra

Delensed spectra apo60.png

Here the red data points show the spectra before delensing, the green spectra show the spectra after delensing, and the gray spectra show the ILC noise.

We can use these to define effective AL bin by bin. This is shown here

Alens apo60.png

While there is significant scatter between realizations, the mean agrees well with the analytic prediction of AL=0.077 for lmax=3000.