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We separate "experiment definitions" (bands, resolutions, sensitivity level) from "sky models" (LCDM+dust+sync+). Each of these is designated by a number. The combination of a given experiment definition XX acting on a given sky model YY is designated XX.YY.

Experiment models, sky models and the datasets obtained by applying for former to the latter are stored at NERSC at
/project/projectdirs/cmbs4/{expt_xx, sky_yy, data_xx.yy}

Experiment Definitions

Experiment Definitions

Input Sky Components

Sky Components

Sky Models

Sky Models

Sim Data Sets

Many of the possible xx.yy combinations have been generated and are available on NERSC.

Most of 02.00 through 02.09 exist - these are the "Science Book config".

Most of 04.00 through 04.06 exist - these are the "CDT report config".


Shared space is available on NERSC, where everyone is welcome to sign-up for an account under the "Data Analysis for Post-Planck CMB Experiments" allocation (PI Borrill). The files are located in the shared CMB-S4 file space (/project/projectdirs/cmbs4). In order to manage this space, all files stored there should be owned by the cmbs4 project account but accessible to the cmbs4 group. To do this:

  • log in to the cmbs4 project account following the instructions [here]
  • sync the files to an appropriate subdirectory in the project space
  • ensure that the permissions are set appropriately (g+rX,o-rwx)

Remember to include a README and to post the details on this wiki page.

For any NERSC issues, including access to the filegroup and/or project account, please contact Julian Borrill.

HPSS Archive

Older data challenge maps are moved to the High Performance Storage System. These are stored in the `low_ell_BB` directory in the `cmbs4` user home directory of HPSS. For each Data Challenge, maps are broken up in several different archives to achieve archive file sizes of ~few 100 GB.

List the data challenge sets that have been archived here:

02.00,  02.01, 02.02, 02.03, 02.04, 02.05, 02.06, 02.09
02b.00, 02b.03
02c.00, 02c.03
03.00,  03.03
03b.00, 03b.03
03c.00, 03c.03