Data Challenge Map Sets 04.YY

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Feb 6 2018, Clem Pryke

We have made sets of simulated CMB-S4 fsky 3% maps with bands, resolutions and noise levels as per the CDT report "Science Traceability Matrix" - these are dubbed "experiment definition 04. The specs are repeated on the Experiment Definitions page.

These are combined with the seven foreground models as used in appendix A of the CDT report to form map sets 04.00 through 04.06. These sets of maps are available on NERSC in directory /project/projectdirs/cmbs4/data_04.00 etc. The intent is have multiple groups or individuals re-analyze these maps to determine the precision with which the tensor-to-scalar ratio can be recovered with a particular algorithm for the given noise levels and foreground behavior.

Here is a plot showing the Q maps for realization 0001 and its components. The top row shows the lensed-LCDM input. The second row is tensors with the color stretch zoomed in by factor 20 (for r=0.01). The third row is the foreground model - in this example one of the PySM variants. The fourth row is the noise component which blows up towards the edge of the field in a way which is typical of small aperture observations where the instantaneous field of view is large compared to the field size. The bottom row is what one actually gets in a real experiment - all of the above added together.

180206 f1.gif

The plot below shows the seven foregroud models as described on