Correlation of iteratively reconstructed lensing templates to ideal for 06b

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June 18 14 2020, Clem Pryke

This post is similar to Correlation_of_reconstructed_lensing_template_to_ideal II and Correlation of reconstructed lensing template to ideal for 06b.00

We have made DSR config map based sims as set 06 | 20191101_dc06_specsmaps

Julien Carron ran a new iterative reconstruction on the 95GHz lensed-LCDM realizations with noise added. Note that he did not use the "comb" files which also include foreground - he manually added the "llcdm" and "noise" files provided. Julien described these reconstructions in Iterative curved sky s06b nofg lensing templates

The plot below show the Q map for the first realization - looks sensible - the right sky area. Can't really see noise increasing towards the edge of the patch.

200618 f1.gif

I next take the cross correlation of the B-modes versus the ideal template (where ideal is lensed-unlensed inputs). The plot below shows the results averaging over the first 10 realizations.

200618 f2.gif

The drop at ell<200 is because only B-modes for ell>200 were used for the reconstruction - it is this part we are interested in for r limits. Since A_L goes as the one minus the correlation shown here this corresponds to effective A_L of approx 0.1.