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although I don't think we do.
although I don't think we do.

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October 26 2018, Clem Pryke

Recently we have been looking at results of sims run with more realistic Chile and Pole sky hit maps. See [1] [2] Sims_with_nominal_Chile_and_Pole_masks_II and Sims_with_nominal_Chile_and_Pole_masks.

The parametric re-analysis uses a pureB estimator from S2HAT as described in the intro to [3].

To check if this estimator is producing sufficient B-mode purity when run with the more realistic masks I added processing of the unlensed-LCDM maps to the pipeline through to power spectra. Since these contain zero input B-modes whatever BB power they show on output is due to E to B mixing. The plot below shows the results for the bandpowers we use in the re-analysis. Clearly the 04 mask needs more smoothing. Since this plot is for A_L=1 we might expect to see some bias on r in the 04b mask results although I don't think we do.

181026 f1.gif