CMBS4 Band Sensitivity Comparison

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Current version = 1.0

v1.0 published on 2017-01-23 by C. Hill


This page is dedicated to comparing the relative sensitivities of the various proposed band configurations for CMB-S4.


Below are input assumptions that are common to all calculations.

Parameter Value Comment
Band Shape Top Hat
PWV 1 mm
Elevation 60 deg
Optical Eff 0.30
Telescope Temp [K] 15.0 Similar to PB2
Bath Temp [K] 0.100, 0.250 Considering both a Dil fridge or ADR, and a He3 fridge
Transition Temp [K] 0.171, 0.427 1.71*Tbath
Saturation Power 2.5*Popt Safety factor for ETF stability
Number of detectors 3794*(fcent/150 GHz)2 PB2 FOV