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Parallel session P3-2: Forecasting - Instrumentation / systematics for the Decadal input document (chair: C. Bischoff)

  1. Summary of forecasting to date (25 min)
  2. Forecasts for Atacama and South Pole (15 min)
  3. Systematics studies and coordination with technology development working groups [Colin Bischoff] (10 min)
  4. Forecasting and simulation plan for Decadal input document (30 min)
    • Spectral vs map vs time domain forecasting and simulation [Julian Borrill]
    • Updates to performance-based forecasting: large vs small aperture, Atacama vs South Pole
    • Priorities for systematics forecasting
    • Coordination between forecasting for r, light relics, and extended science

Notes from session (Tuesday, March 6, 11:15-12:45)