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Parallel session P2-3: Forecasting - the extended science case for the Decadal (chairs: N. Battaglia and C. Hill)

Notes from session (Tuesday, March 6, 09:45-10:45)

Extending The science Case (ETC) P1-3, P2-3

Minutes JC - We want to identify what’s unique and who’s going to do it. Think about writing white papers. SA - X-ray measurements will be very precise and high-resolution, we need to make sure we emphasize the strength of the kSZ, high redshift, low mass, large radii. JC - Need to get buy in from Galaxy Formation people, have them sign on to white papers LB,SA,AS - We should be strategic how we talk about baryonic effects on cosmic shear and LSS JK,LN - Advertisement / Outreach to broker community through conferences, talks, etc. JB - Should we have have one set of simulations. Many opinions…

List of topics

-Galaxy evolution and feedback (kSZ and tSZ) -Synergies with imaging surveys (kSZ) -Growth of Structure as function of redshift -Add Cluster constraints into neutrino and Dark energy chapters -Legacy catalog and High-redshift galaxy formation