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Parallel session P2-1: Readout (chair: A. Bender)

Sign Up Sheet and Record of Motions for Readout Session

File:S4 readout intro.pdf (5 min): Amy Bender

Connections to forecasting (5 min): Colin Bischoff

File:20180305 S4 fmux2.pdf - Technology Comparison: Effects on statistical power and systematic effects (10 min): Adam Anderson & Shawn Henderson

File:Readout Cost Schedule.pdf - Technology Comparison: Effects on cost and construction schedule (10 min): Hannes Hubmayr, Darcy Barron, Tyler Natoli

Discussion & Formulation of Reference Design (30 min)

Notes from session (Tuesday, March 6, 09:45-10:45)

Homework from Tuesday (during Wed discussion):

  • Costing for all three technologies (to make sure they are ~similar).
    • Padin: Learn what information he needs as input, make sure three techs are costed similarly. Zeesh can provide inputs for TDM.
  • Some assessment about scalability for all three systems.
    • e.g., number of wires, mUX factor, number of SQUIDs /LNAs, cross talk, linearity, stability, loading on mK and warmer stages, number of flanges
  • Performance specs for different technologies (tMUX, fMUX, uMUX)
    • Kent rec: Readout noise, photon noise, detector noise referred to input, MUX, and on-sky.
    • Amy (fDM), Zeesh (muMUX), responsible for assembling specs. Need tMUX person. Get Padin involved. Cite references or private communications / plots.
    • Get an external reviewer to see if anything is missing.

Suzanne notes it would be nice to have demonstration plots in Ref document in Nov.