2020 Elections

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The general procedure for elections is described in the CMB-S4 Bylaws.

This year, the following executive team positions are up for election:

  • Science Council Chairs (2 seats)
  • Membership Committee Chair
  • Publication and Speakers Committee Chair

For the governing board election, there are 10 open seats, plus the dedicated postdoc representative seat. See information about representation requirements for the GB below.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these roles please contact the Spokespeople (spokespeople@cmb-s4.org).

Position descriptions for the executive team can be found on the Executive 2020 page


The list of current CMB-S4 members can be found here: Current_Membership_List


Nominations are now open for all positions. Please use this form to submit nominations (and self-nominations): https://forms.gle/KKSDbYF7LU8KCjGz9

Voting process

We will use OpaVote to collect and count votes: https://www.opavote.com/about

For all positions with multiple openings, we will use a ranked choice (also known as single transferable vote) voting system. This system “promotes majority support, discourages negative campaigning, provides more choice to voters, minimizes strategic voting, promotes minority representation."

See more details at this link: http://www.fairvote.org/multi_winner_rcv_example

The vote counting will be done with the Meek method using the Droop quota to determine the number of voted needed to win. More information can be found in this paper: http://www.dia.govt.nz/diawebsite.NSF/Files/meekm/$file/meekm.pdf

Governing Board Representation Requirements

The upcoming GB election will largely follow the initial method for the GB election, where the seats are filled partly following the ranked choice list, and partly to fill representation requirements decided in advance. The results will be announced as an alphabetical list, with no information about rankings or appointments to fill requirements.

For the upcoming GB election, the representation requirements have been updated, in accordance with the File:Bylaws v1.4.pdf and GB election procedures described here: File:GB Election Procedure 2020.pdf

Representation requirements (for the post-election GB as a whole, not including the postdoc seat):

  • At least one member from each experiment: ACT, BICEP, PB/SA, and SPT
  • At least one member from each of DOE lab: ANL, FNAL, LBNL, SLAC
  • At least 5 members from under-represented groups, including women, as defined by NSF
    • "Women, persons with disabilities, and underrepresented minority groups—blacks or African Americans, Hispanics or Latinos, and American Indians or Alaska Natives—are underrepresented in science and engineering (S&E)."
    • https://ncses.nsf.gov/pubs/nsf19304/digest/introduction
  • At least one early-career faculty member (tenure-track, untenured, including lab scientist positions)
  • At least one member from a small institution (institutions with only one senior member)
  • At least one member from an international (non-US) institution


Deadline for candidacy for executive election - April 1

Executive election voting - April 6- 10

Deadline for candidacy for governing board election - May 1

Governing board election - May 11 - May 15

Note that any individual may be nominated for multiple positions, and may accept the nomination for all of them (except that they may only accept nomination to a single Executive Team position). If elected, any nomination for a subsequent election in this cycle will be voided. Candidacy for each election will be made public a few days in advance of the voting period.


Executive 2020

Governing Board 2020