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Candidates For Postdoc Representative to Governing Board

Name - Institution Photo Statement
Tijmen de Haan - LBNL Tijmen deHaan.jpg I have been in the CMB field for my entire career, with a focus on galaxy clusters and fmux TES readout, and I'm excited for CMB-S4. That being said, I'm honestly slightly frustrated with the level of politicking already present in our very young CMB-S4 collaboration. I believe that scientific motivations should take precedence over political ones. To further this goal and to represent interests of the junior members of the collaboration, I'm willing to serve on the governing board.
Martina Gerbino - Argonne National Lab Martina Gerbino.png I have been lucky to collaborate with people from different backgrounds (theory, data analysis, instrumentation) in various workplaces. I have been a member of CMB collaborations (Planck, Simons Observatory, S4) since I was a PhD student. I gained experience with the challenges a junior member could face in such environments. I have leadership, coordination, and mentoring experience within the collaborations and in my home institutions. I am aware that postdoc-friendly policies should be developed in favor of both the following communities: junior members who will be postdoc in the future, and those who are postdoc now and will transition to a more senior position. Devoting time and efforts to collaboration projects is a very formative activity and a great opportunity for early-career researchers. We need collaboration policies to reflect such a positive attitude.
Sasha Rahlin - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Sasha Rahlin.jpg I am currently a postdoc at Fermilab, and an active member of the CMB-S4 collaboration, focusing on development of the data pipeline and readout electronics. I have over a decade of experience working on CMB instrumentation with the SPIDER and SPT collaborations, both teams that are strongly driven by the hard work of graduate students and postdocs. As the postdoc representative to the CMB-S4 governing board, I would use this experience to strive for transparency and inclusion on behalf of the younger scientists in the CMB-S4 collaboration.
Sara Simon - University of Michigan Sara Simon.jpg I’m a postdoc at the University of Michigan. I’ve worked on ABS, ACT, SO, and S4. I’m currently leading efforts in calibration hardware, sensitivity and systematic modeling, and detector optical coupling development. Much of my work has focused on developing quantitative metrics for assessing the performance of different technologies, which will be an important part of S4 in the coming years as we begin to refine the instrument designs. I’d like to represent you on the governing board to ensure that we have clear and transparent plans for making technical decisions in the coming year.
Kimmy Wu - KICP/UChicago Kimmy Wu.jpg I am invested in the success of CMB-S4. I have been engaged with its development and definition from the beginning, having contributed to the Snowmass CMB-S4 report and the CMB-S4 Science Book. As a member of the CMB-S4 Governing Board, my goal would be to facilitate the continued health and effectiveness of the Executive Team and the Collaboration as a whole. As a postdoc representative, I will ensure the perspective of postdocs are heard and represented.