20190329 Large Telescopes Telecon

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On the call: Steve P, John R, Mike N

Discussion of how to prepare for flowdown and deal with plan of having different frequency distributions between the r survey and the legacy survey.

Agreement that it makes sense to remove 20 GHz optics tube from legacy survey; however, there is concern that anything we make changes to needs to also flow down through the detector array and readout costing.

Question: How are we going to converge on frequency bands?

Need to continue bringing this to the attention of ET and flowdown team. Will bring this up on DSR call this afternoon.

Plan to remove table 4-9.

Table 4-8 needs to be mentioned and described in text, maybe call it a table of "representative" loss numbers.

ACTION ITEM: Work with Matt H. and Jeff M. to get representative numbers at 280 GHz.

Goal is to make sure flowdown is sufficiently clear that we can remove table 4-13.

ACTION ITEM: Confirm that flowdown is sufficiently good, so that we can remove table 4-13.