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Latest draft: File:DSR LgeTel LgeCam 101918.pdf

Agenda draft: 1. Large telescopes

  • Getting close. Optics section needs work. Also error budget tables.

2. Large cameras

  • Cold optics section needs work.
  • Things that seem to be missing:
  • pictures of the various stages (e.g., from Ningfeng's SPIE paper)
  • mass table
  • thermal filter details
  • stage fnat
  • window details

ACTION ITEM: Steve Parshley to work on tables and safety (HWFE error check)

ACTION ITEM: Mike to add mirror details from Parshley et al. Decide whether to retain or remove the polarization error budget table.

Polarization errors are not being motivated in science section. Previous chapter basically says we need to do as good as better than Stage 3 technologies. This can be used to motivate requirements, even though it would ideally come from science.

Highlight that even if we find that cross-polarization needs to be much better, this would drive feedhorn design, but not telescope design.

ACTION ITEM: Steve Padin to contact Jeff McMahon for cold optics and loss section.